I hail from Palakkad, Kerala (God’s own country). The atmosphere that I grew in tremendously influenced me, there is an ambiance of Mathematics and Engineering all around me in my childhood as my mother is a Mathematics teacher and my father, an Engineer. Associations spur interest; I realized that an engineer makes new things useful to mankind; science and math are pillars of this creative endeavor. As I grew up, this belief became a conviction and I could see my professional goal- I want to be an engineer. Moreover, the enthusiasm for doing something new and deeply understanding the underlying principles associated with it has always appealed to me. The unknown and undiscovered principles always have a charisma attached with and I always love to explore them.

My hobbies include photography, traveling, playing badminton, cricket, and sketching.

I am a fun-loving person who tries to find happiness in every little aspect of life. I try to take the responsibilities given to me effectively and do my best.

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